Porter Airlines must compensate passengers bumped from domestic flights

July 2, 2014

Halifax, July 2, 2014 – Travellers received a special gift for Canada Day this year: on Monday afternoon, the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) ordered Porter Airlines to pay compensation to passengers who are bumped from domestic flights.

The CTA found that Porter’s current policy, which contains no requirement to compensate bumped passengers or to rebook them on flights of other airlines, is “unreasonable.”

The decision of the CTA, which upholds a complaint by Gábor Lukács, a Halifax mathematician and air passenger rights advocate, orders Porter to revise its policy by July 8, 2014. The airline will also have to provide bumped passengers a free flight back to their point of origin if they no longer want to continue their travel.

Lukács says he is very pleased with the decision, which also puts an end to Porter’s practice of providing bumped passengers with a $500 voucher for future travel as a gesture of goodwill. “Passengers who pay cash for their tickets must be compensated in cash if they are bumped.” says Lukács.

Lukács has a successful track record when it comes to fighting for passenger rights. In 2013, the CTA upheld his complaint and ordered Air Canada to pay $200/$400/$800 in cash to bumped passengers on domestic flights, depending on the length of the delay. In February 2014, the CTA ordered Porter to compensate bumped passengers travelling from Canada to the US. The present ruling extends that principle to Porter’s domestic flights too.

The Canadian Transportation Agency is a quasi-judicial body that is empowered to regulate the airline industry.

A copy of the decision is available online:

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Gábor Lukács

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