Flight Delay (EU): FAQ

The answer depends on the points of origin and destination of your flight, and your itinerary as a whole.

The amount of compensation for flight delay is based on the delay incurred at the "final destination," and is measured as the difference between the actual arrival time and the scheduled arrival time.

If your itinerary consists of several directly connecting flights (i.e., without a scheduled stopover), then the “final destination” is the destination of the last flight.

The "actual arrival time" is the time when at least one of the doors of the aircraft is opened and passengers are permitted to leave the aircraft.

Refund of your airfare (if you choose to return to your point of origin) must be provided within 7 days.

Compensation for flight delay must be paid in cash, by electronic bank transfer, bank orders or bank cheques. The airline may provide travel vouchers or other services only if you agree in writing.