Denied Boarding

General Principles

Passengers must be transported on the flight on which they hold a confirmed booking. The airline must compensate passengers whose flight departed without them.

Passengers are expected to:

  • present themselves for check-in and boarding before the cut-off times specified by the airline;
  • have appropriate travel documents; and
  • act in a manner that does not create a threat to the safety of the flight.

Failure to comply with these obligations may result in denied boarding without compensation.

Airlines are expected to:

  • transport passengers on the flight on which they hold a confirmed booking;
  • call for volunteers if they expect to have to deny passengers boarding on a flight;
  • offer passengers who are denied boarding the choice between:
    • rebooking on the next available flight (including on another airline); and
    • transportation back to the point of origin and a refund of the entire airfare;
  • pay compensation to passengers who are involuntarily denied boarding.

Your Rights

Entitlement to compensation and other rights depends on both the point of origin and the destination of the flight that you were not allowed to board.