Air Canada, Here's Some Tough Love

Daniela Norris Feb 11, 2024

Knowing my rights helped me get back to Canada in time for Valentine's when strike hit.

Insisting on an explanation can be a powerful tool to make airlines pay what they owe under the Air Passenger Protection Regulations.

A confidentiality clause may cause headaches later and you may be giving away too much.

Precious little has been said about the rights of affected passengers who already purchased tickets on flights that WestJet cancelled.

Looming strike underscores stark contrast between Canada's APPR and the European Union’s gold standard of passenger protection.

Whether one deals with an airline, writes a letter to the editor, or speaks to a Member of Parliament, it is important that we use clear and correct terminology to describe the issues.

Sunwing must rebook you on other airlines or pay for your alternative transportation and other expenses. Three steps to assert and enforce your rights.

48 hours is not a reasonable time for providing alternate transportation.