Vision and Mission

Air Passenger Rights is an independent nonprofit organization of volunteers.


A travelling public aware of its rights and capable of enforcing them against airlines.


To turn helpless passengers into empowered travellers through education, advocacy, investigation, and litigation.


  • Educate passengers about their rights and enforcement of those rights.
  • Advocate for the enforcement of the existing rights of passengers and for better consumer protection for travel by air within, to, and from Canada.
  • Investigate and expose anomalies affecting travellers, including but not limited to:
    • non-compliance of airlines with their own terms and conditions or the law;
    • misinformation and deception of passengers by airlines;
    • practices that put passengers’ safety at risk; and
    • collusion between the airline industry and regulatory or administrative bodies mandated to oversee the activities of airlines.
  • Litigate to foster:
    • compliance of airlines with their own terms and conditions and the law;
    • conformity of the terms and conditions of airlines with the law;
    • transparency, reasonableness, and legality of the actions of regulatory and administrative bodies in their dealings with passengers and airlines; and
    • reasonable and correct interpretation of legislation affecting the rights of passengers.