Flight Delay

General Principles

The airline must compensate passengers for flight delay, unless the airline proves that the delay was due to extraordinary circumstances.

Passengers are expected to:

  • have a confirmed booking for the flight in question;
  • present themselves for check-in and boarding before the cut-off times specified by the airline; and
  • have appropriate travel documents.

Airlines are expected to:

  • transport passengers on the flight and at the date and time shown on the confirmed booking;
  • take all reasonable measures to prevent or mitigate damages caused to passengers by delay; and
  • pay monetary compensation to passengers whose arrival at their final destination is delayed.

Your Rights

Entitlement to compensation and other rights depends on both the point of origin and the destination of the flights on your itinerary.

Work in progress:

  • Canada: Departing and Arriving
  • United States: Departing