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Air Passenger Bill

Air Passenger Bill

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The strike underscores the stark contrast between Canada's APPR and the European Union’s gold standard of passenger protection.

Canada must remedy its domestic air travel market's competition deficit and introduce US-style airline data reporting and dissemination rules.

Insisting on an explanation can be a powerful tool to make airlines pay what they owe under the Air Passenger Protection Regulations.

A confidentiality clause may cause headaches later and you may be giving away too much.

Budget Bill perpetuates the existing loopholes, creates a new one, and encroaches on fundamental rights.

Without a change in enforcement, the air travel woes of 2022 will become the norm in Canada.

The report shows that Canada’s air passenger protection regime is unnecessarily complex, creates barriers to access to justice for passengers, and does not offer adequate protection to Canadians.

No compensation in the most common cases of flight delays and cancellations.