Your Baggage: Glossary

Baggage Tag

  • A document issued by the airline for the identification of checked baggage, consisting of two parts:

    Baggage Strap

    Baggage Strap, which is attached by the airline to the checked baggage.

    Baggage Identification Tag

    Baggage Identification Tag, which is given to the passenger.

Checked Baggage

  • A piece of baggage that you hand over to the airline for the duration of the flight. The airline is required to give you a Baggage Identification Tag for each piece of checked baggage.

Domestic Itinerary

  • An itinerary that is confined to travel within a single country.

International Itinerary

  • An itinerary that includes cities in at least two different countries.

Special Drawing Rights (SDR)

Unchecked Baggage

  • Your “carry on” or “hand baggage”.