Without a change in enforcement, the air travel woes of 2022 will become the norm in Canada.

Six consumer protection groups call on the feds to take immediate action.

Will Conservatives stand by their core value of upholding the rule of law? Lack of enforcement of existing rights of passengers is the most important problem crippling air travel in Canada. The Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) Convention in Halifax will vote on a policy proposal to solve this problem.

For decades, Canada has been a land of no consequences for airlines that break the rules. Although the law provides for a penalty of up to $10,000 per violation, until November 2017 the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) has never used its power to fine airlines for breaching their obligations to passengers and thus violating the Air Transportation Regulations.

Cooperstock: Bill on airline passenger rights is cold comfort

Jeremy Cooperstock Montreal Gazette Jun 1, 2017

If the point of Bill C-49 is to let airlines carry on business as usual, Garneau gets top marks. However, if air passengers are to benefit from meaningful protection, the government would do well to scrap the CTA, and replace it with a new entity responsible for oversight and enforcement.