Air Passenger Rights is an independent nonprofit organization of volunteers, spearheaded and coordinated by Gábor Lukács.

Gábor Lukács, PhD

President (Founder and Coordinator)

Gábor is a Canadian air passenger rights advocate, who volunteers his time and expertise for the benefit of the travelling public.

Since 2008, Gábor has filed more than two dozen successful complaints with the Canadian Transportation Agency (Agency), challenging the terms, conditions, and practices of air carriers, resulting in orders directing them to amend their conditions of carriage and offer better protection to passengers. He has also appeared before courts across Canada, including the Federal Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada, and successfully challenged the Agency's lack of transparancy and the reasonableness of the Agency's decisions.

In 2013, the Consumers' Association of Canada awarded Gábor its Order of Merit for singlehandedly initiating legal action resulting in the revision of Air Canada's unfair practices regarding overbooking. His advocacy in the public interest and expertise in the area of air passenger rights have been recognized by the transportation bar, the academic community, the judiciary, and the legislature.

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