Tell federal candidates you want real air passenger rights
The latest air travel rules reduced air passenger rights


The battle for real air passenger rights is far from over. You can join and fight the good fight now.

The so-called Air Passenger Bill of "Rights" introduced by the government makes things worse for travellers. For example:

  • Tarmac Delay: Airlines can keep you confined to an aircraft on the tarmac for up to 3 hours and 45 minutes. This is more than double the 90-minute limit that had been the Canadian standard since 2008, and which was endorsed by the Senate in 2018.
  • Denied Boarding Compensation: Airlines gained unprecedented freedom to bump you without paying compensation, because "denial of boarding" has been defined so narrowly.

Speak up now

The federal election is coming up soon. Tell candidates in your riding that Canadians deserve better. Ask them what they will do to enact real air passenger rights that protect travellers, and not airlines.

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