Air Passenger Bill of Rights

The government’s proposed airline regulations reduce air passenger rights.

The government has doubled down on its claim that their proposed rules are the “best in the world.” We show that this is false.


Air passenger rights advocate slams proposed regulations

Vassy Kapelos CBC Power & Politics Dec 17, 2018

"This is bad news. The government is clawing back on the rights of passengers under the guise of an air passenger bill," says Dr. Gábor Lukács.

The government's new regulations will make things worse for Canadian air passengers.


Bill C-49 seeks to double the time passengers may be trapped in an aircraft on the tarmac, from the current 90 minutes to 3 hours.


Government's Bill C-49 relieves airlines from paying compensation to passengers for flight disruptions due to "mechanical malfunctions."


Consumer advocates say the federal government's proposed passenger bill of rights is "all bill" with "no rights."

"The Bill seeks to remove or reduce rights that passengers already have", Dr. Gábor Lukács told Senators on the Committee.