ARCHIVED: Dr. Lukács to provide consultancy to Flair
Proactive Disclosure

November 18, 2018

Air Passenger Rights (APR) founder and coordinator, Dr. Gábor Lukács, has agreed to provide consultancy services with respect to passenger rights to Flair Airlines Ltd. (Flair). Dr. Lukács does so in his individual capacity, and not on behalf of APR.

Dr. Lukács and Flair have agreed that:

  • the consultancy services provided do not create any conflict of interest or confidentiality issue;
  • Dr. Lukács may bring any legal action against Flair and/or assist passengers and/or law firms in doing so;
  • Flair will not share any confidential or commercially sensitive information with Dr. Lukács, and Dr. Lukács will not share any proprietary knowledge; and
  • Dr. Lukács may offer consultancy services to other airlines, including but not limited to Flair’s competitors, to improve their customer service.

Dr. Lukács’s consultancy services do not constitute endorsement of Flair by APR.


Dr. Lukács has provided no consultancy services to Flair since 2018.

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